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ART // Tanabata: Star Village at the Powerhouse

June 30, 2016 Jess

If you take your kids anywhere this holidays please let it be to the Powerhouse Museum.

In the depths of the building you will find the most magical and mesmerising installation. Tanabata: Star Village is a collaborative project between Slow Art Collective (made up of fantastic artists Chaco Kato and Dylan Martorell) and ArtsPeople.

Tanabata is a Japanese legend which celebrates the story of how two stars – Orihime (Vega), a heavenly princess who weaves clouds, and Hikoboshi (Altair), a cow-herder – came to fall in love and be in the sky. I mean how great is that?

Not only is the work breathtaking in it’s intricacy but you are also invited, encouraged even, to get involved and add your mark. You can choose to weave into the existing structure, make and contribute your very own origami piece or write a wish down and attach it to the installation somewhere. Yes, we did all three with much enthusiasm.

In this fast paced, machine reliant world it is awe-inspiring to come across works like these. Hand made. Slowly. With a lot of love.

Get in before it is all over…

2–17 July, 10am – 4.30pm

Tanabata: Star Village at the Powerhouse